We are living in the twenty first century and there have already been four major industrial revolutions that has happened till now. First industrial revolution began when steam powered factories were introduced,  second industrial revolution is considered to be age of science, third industrial revolution gave rise to digital technology and the fourth industrial revolution introduced us with technologies, such as artificial intelligence, genome editing, etc. These all industrial revolutions changed human’s lives fundamentally.

One the basic and the most useful technology that have been given to us is by third and fourth revolution and that is mobile phones. During third revolution mobiles were introduced and now in fourth revolutionary period they have been upgraded to the next level. IPhone, which has been produced by Apple Company is the most used smart phone with the latest technology inserted in it. In todays time not only mobiles are introduced but their cases are also being made. One of the iPhone which had been a popular demand, sometime back was iPhone 7. To protect them iPhone 7 cases Australia have been introduced.

 The first smart phone designed by Apple Company was iPhone 2G and it was launched in the beginning of year 2008. It is known as first generation of iPhone, then iPhone 3G, after that 3GS, etc. The progression of iPhone continued and now have reached its twenty first model which is iPhone XS Max. With each latest version being introduced, their prices grow even more than the last time. When iPhone 7 was, it stirred a new craze among people and was sold in high prices. Hence, such smart phones needs to be protected, so that they will not break down, for this purpose special cases have been made. For each model case of different size has been introduced. Similarly, with the invention of iPhone 7, specifically designed cases for it were made which can only be fit into iPhone 7.

Other than these iPhone cases, glass and sheet protectors are introduced to protect the screen of iPhone as well. However, the protective cases are not only meant to protect but they also enhances the charm of your iPhone 7. These cases are available in various shapes and sizes with different exotic patterns in each one of them. In some of the cases, tiny lights are embedded which serves the purpose of flash light as well. Specially designed cases have been introduced for every age and gender. For girls, jewel embedded cases of girly colors are made and for boys dark colors cases have been made.


With the latest features introduced in iPhone 7, people are more prone towards it. But it needs to be protected because it is quite delicate and expensive at the same time so you can not afford it to break. Hence, to protect them from breaking at the time of mishaps we need to cover it with cases and the best phone cases can be found from the case buddy website.