Internet can be strong or be vulnerable to hackers, some hackers aren’t able to break security, but for some hackers it is like breaking an egg, internet can be helpful or harmful both it can give you benefit from its great sources but can also make your data stolen. By the increasing number of cybercrimes, you should be careful and active while on the internet you should be extra attentive when you are talking to some strangers on the internet because they can torture or black mail you by saying that your data is in their hands and they know all about you including your passwords, credit card numbers, emails, phone numbers and etc. but never trust them they can make you mentally confused and steal all of your data so you should be super active, if you won’t talk to them so it will be great but sometimes there is an important need of talking to a stranger because in case of some dealing and other, business man have to deal with their customers so they could face some stranger like that but that’s not common because they have an extra account of business idea excluding their personal information for business purposes.

There are many risks roaming around the internet which you need to be extremely careful about, viruses are spread around the internet so that the data of a person could be stolen easily, viruses make the computer easy to be hacked and starts taking over your computers and steal your data and afterwards selling it to other people. There is a theory that the viruses are made by those companies who make antivirus but it is not clear, the organizations or programmers those who make antivirus software, they make viruses too making them dangerous and dangerous, but making there anti-virus software stronger and stronger so that there antivirus software could gain some popularity and there antivirus software could create some influence among the people that this antivirus is able to stop a certain dangerous virus so you should be aware of them while some are completely trusted like windows defender and Avast Antivirus. You should install a trusted and strong antivirus in your computers system so that there is less chance of risk. Risks on the internet are increasing and increasing day by day and attacking and taking over more and more PC’s, lots of people data has been stolen.

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