Cloud file sharing providers and cloud computing is one of the latest and hot trends in the computer science. The cloud file sharing is often referred as the online file sharing system in which there is an online storage available and each user is give a specific amount from this storage which he can use to store the files online. These files that he store will be uploaded online and will be accessible to him from any device that is connected to the internet. The security privileges which means that who is able to read or edit the files is controlled by the user himself and only those people are able to access these files to whom the user has given security privileges. It is the responsibility of the cloud file sharing providers to make these files available and accessible and they are also responsible for the backup and recovery of these files in case of any loss.   cloud-file-sharing

However, there can still be some security breach in this. There are number of cloud file sharing providers that are currently working. Some of these are dropbox , Egnyte, google drive and many more. Although these cloud file sharing services could be used on individual level and as well as company level because of the very reason that this saves every individual and company of the trouble of maintaining the stored data by themselves and rather they just need to make use of an existing services which automatically maintains and store data for themselves.

If the employees within the companies are sharing the data related to themselves online using the cloud file sharing then there may not be any need to provide some controlling or security mechanism but if the company’s data is being shared by the employees online using the online cloud file sharing feature then the company must provide some mechanism to secure the system and at the same time providing users with the ease of cloud file sharing. The enterprise model for many of the cloud file sharing applications such as drop box provide the feature of the team drop box where the company can take in account and can control over the sharing and access of certain data and files shared and accessed by every individual. In this way the business environment not only make use of the features and advantages of the cloud file sharing but also is able to implement the security for this system.